El portal CarteleradeCine.com.do es la mejor opción a la hora de buscar las películas que están o se estarán estrenando próximamente en todas las salas de cines de República Dominicana. Con la colaboración de Caribbean Cinema y Palacio del Cine, el portal se encarga de actualizar cada jueves los estrenos que se realizarán en todas las salas de cines del país, ofreciendo así una información completa, confiable y veraz.

Cartelera de Cine ofrece diferentes formas de búsqueda. Si el usuario desea puede seleccionar el cine al que desea ir o buscar por provincia o el Mall. También ofrece la opción de realizar la búsqueda por el nombre de la película o el nombre de la cadena de cine.

What will you find at CarteleradeCine.com.do?
Upon entering the portal you can view a gallery with the covers of each movie. By clicking on the image, you can see the trailer for the selected movie, details of the movie (genre, release date, director, name of the main actors and actresses), where it will be shown and their respective schedules.

New Releases in theaters in RD
Cartelera de Cine is updated every Thursday with the premieres that will be presented in all the cinemas of Caribbean Cinema and Palacio del Cine . Similarly, the premieres that will take place soon are published. Some of the films are retired to be replaced by new ones.

Caribbean Cinema
It is a chain of movie theaters in Puerto Rico founded on June 19, 1969, with a presence in different Caribbean countries, including the Dominican Republic where it has 126 theaters distributed in Santo Domingo, Santiago, La Altagracia, La Romana and San Juan.

Among the main movie theaters at Caribbean Cinema are: Acropolis Center, Cinema Centro Cibao, Downtown Center, Hollywood Diamond, Megaplex 10, San Juan Shopping Center and Plaza Duarte. (To see a complete list of cinemas and branches go to CartelerasdeCine.com.do)

Palacio del Cine
This chain arrived in the country in 1975. It has 60 movie theaters divided between Santo Domingo, La Altagracia, Santiago and Duarte. Among its main rooms are: Ágora, Sámbil, Bella Vista, Blue Mall, Terra Mall, Occidental Mall, Palacio del Cine San Francisco de Macorís and Multiplaza Higüey.

Cinema Offers
To purchase the 2×1 from Carribbean Cinema you just have to send the word CINE to # 222 from your cell phone or enter the «My Altice» application, enter 2×1 Benefits and Discount, then select the option «2×1 at the box office every Thursday». In any of the option you choose, you should receive a code, which you must show when purchasing your box office. This offer only applies to Altice customers, it is not valid for movies in premieres, 3D and Dominican films.

Cheaper Days and Cinema
If you are looking for an economy, the most recommended days to go to the cinema are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, since on this date some cinemas in the country place specials, where the public can enjoy a movie from 75 to 100 pesos, thus saving money that can be used for popcorn and soft drinks.

These days, apart from saving money, are a good option for people who do not like to queue, since the flow is much less than the days of premieres and weekends. It is a good day to go with the children, with your family or with a group of friends.

Among the Dominican cinemas where you can watch movies at 75 pesos (from Monday to Wednesday) are: Cinema Centro Malecón and Carol Mall. While Acropolis Center, Hollywood Diamand Cinema Card, Cinema Centro Cibao, Colinas Mall Santiago, Hollywood 7 Cinema and Caribbean Cinemas Higuey have a cost of 100 pesos per person.

We remember that these specials do not apply to all the films that are being shown in the cinema and they are not available in all the cinemas in the country.

Schedule in theaters in the country
Among the Dominican cinemas that have an earlier schedule is Downtown Center, which has movies that start at 3:20, 3:40 and 3:50 in the afternoon. On the other hand, it also has movies that start at 10:35 at night.

At Acropolis Center and Cinema Malecon on weekends they have movies that start at 4:10 in the afternoon and others that start at 9:35 at night. While the Agora Mall weekend schedule starts at 4:30 in the afternoon and the last one is at 9:40 at night.

These hours may vary, depending on the cinema, the film or if there is a holiday during the week. To keep up to date with the schedules in all the cinemas of Caribbean Cinema and Palacio del cine, consult CarteleradeCine.com.do.

Most Expensive Theaters in DR 
The Downtown Center VIP lounge is among the most expensive at a cost of RD $ 650.
The IMAX room of Cine Blue Mall has a cost of RD $ 600.
The Bella Terra Mall VIP room is priced at RD $ 400 .
The VIP room of San Juan Shopping Center is priced at RD $ 500.

To see all the prices of movies in premieres and regular tickets, go to the Movie Show.

Dominican Film Releases
The Cartelera de Cine portal is in charge of promoting and supporting Creole cinema, offering a space for films made in the country by the best Dominican film directors such as: José María Cabral, Bladimir Abud, René Fortuno, Ángel Muñiz, Leticias Tonos, Archie López and José Enrique Pintor, among others. Here you will be able to see each premieres, trailer and other information of all the Dominican films that are screened in theaters in the DR.